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9 Ways to Make Your Medical Website More Attractive and User-Friendly!

Millions of patients are searching for medical help online every day, especially during the pandemic situations across nations.

During this crisis, that’s your choice to design your website in a certain way to grab more attention from those patients in need of immediate services or products you provide.

So, let’s introduce the best nine ways for the medical website design real quick down below:

1. Have a very simple website design

Do not make your medical website come off as a site full of ads or spam. Minimize the use of spammy add-ons or pop-ups. This helps to retain the patient well on the site, after which he will read whatever information available on the website with more patience and less irritation.

The simple design of your site can begin with the best use of the white space, and the contrasting colors or themes that suit the medical industry.

Mostly, subtle or faded colors like white & pink, or white & light blue work fine for medical web pages to have an immaculate design and help patients scroll down the entire catalog.

2. Use high-quality images or faces

It’s best to use the images of real people and patients when you are selling any medicine, drug, or medical service. For this, you can use stock photos or royalty-free images online.

Otherwise, you can ask your previous patients if they would be up for a photoshoot for the websites. But it’s best only to ask those patients with whom you have a great rapport or those who are regular at your medical center, at the least.

3. Use video testimonials

Video content is always more hard-hitting for patients or any other visitor. Thus, ask your clients, partners, sponsors to give their video testimonials for your medical site.

This will increase the credibility, trust, and authenticity score of your website in the minds of the patients visiting the page.

4. Give clear-cut information about the delivery process

While you are selling medical products, never forget to mention the delivery processes clearly.

It includes the delivery charges, shipping & refund policies, zip code areas where deliveries happen, internationally accepted orders, if any, and the days it takes to deliver a single product. Such information makes your site more authentic and credible in the patient’s eyes.

Then it helps you bring more traffic to your site when the patients or customers who liked your website start to talk about these product offerings to others in their circle.

5. Upload health content and blogs regularly

Nowadays, patients want to know more information about the services they are looking for.

So, if they are browsing your website about a particular product or service, it would create more impact on their mind and buying behavior if you already have blogs written on the same topics available on your site.

This shows that you really are an expert in this medicinal product and service that you are offering to the one visiting your site.

More than that, if the customer has still not made up his mind, these health or medicine related blogs persuade them to decide before regretting endlessly later.

6. Get the patient reviews and testimonials

Nothing beats the trust level that is set up by other patients. Give the real and genuine feedback about your product review by other patients on your site. These authentic reviews help to convince the new patient on your site to make a better decision.

This decision might be in your favor. This depends on the customer’s mindset and the perception he or she has made.

Though, at least these reviews make your site and product offerings genuine and real. You can even use video testimonials left by the already treated patients if they are willing to do so.

7. Make the content accessible and readable for those who are visually impaired

This is a vital step to take from your end when you design a health website. It would help if you targeted those patients also who are visually impaired or those who have weak eyesight.

To do so, the content on your site must be clear, not small but large or of average size, and the images should be separated with white spaces or separators.

This helps the entire site to look clean and even better for the new traffic, especially those who have trouble reading or viewing at once.

Ensure that is text-to-speech content available on your site or use the Alt text on the images which multiple software read quickly for the specially-abled people coming to your site right now.

8. Tweak your site to add an online language translator as well

Most often, you may be getting the patient’s traffic from other parts of the country or the world. Not everyone would be able to understand the content available on your site.

To tap this niche market without extra work, you can add the online translator on your site. This way, whoever is accessing your site from whichever corner of the world, can easily translate your medical site’s written content and actually understand what it is that you are readily offering to such patients right now.

That’s one of the fantastic secret tips most of the medical product and service owners overlook. But when you get the translator on your site, you can easily tap into different markets where you earlier haven’t thought about.

In the long run, this helps you to strategize your marketing tools and packages. When you start reading the in-built statistics related to the patient’s traffic, you would know where the most traffic on your site is coming from and how you can serve them better than the rest, with the current medical products and services you sell online.

9. Ensure that your site has a strong Team page

Whenever you are selling a medical product or service, you must have a strong team page. The patients would check and verify whether the products and services offered are by expert doctors or clinical officers.

The most curious patients would also browse the history of those team members to thoroughly check the security of the medical products or aids offered on the site.