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Does Google Review have an impact on your Business?

Normally there is a casual saying that one negative review is worth 12 positive ones. Nowadays, with Google being easy to access, the reviews of your business can be seen easily by anyone at any time. The consumers trust recommendations of others more than anything else, even if it’s from a third person they don’t even know personally. Around 85% of people say that an online review is as good as a personal recommendation.

Importance of Google Reviews

Google reviews give businesses a big credibility boost without having to spend a penny. These reviews are capable of proving any good businesses themselves to their potential customers. This allows people to go online and list their thoughts about the company without having to download an app. Some of the benefits of Google reviews on your business are as follows;

Improves Search Engine Rank

Google’s search algorithms are always complex, but Google reviews have an impact on Google search engines. Around 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is driven by review signals that generally focus on review quantity, velocity, and diversity. And a well-balanced combination of these three review signals will help slingshot your local business towards the top Google local search results. Thereby, this helps your business being found easier and quickly instead of utilizing keyword research and blogging.

Google Business Reviews Increase Brand Trusts

Today it’s not uncommon for a consumer to know more about the business before purchasing from it. Most of the consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a local business they opt for. And it is found out that a large part of this research is done through Google reviews. As per the consumers, they say that these positive reviews make them trust a local business more than they may have otherwise.

Feedback Loop and Customer Intelligence

This is one of the main advantages of Google reviews. Every Google reviews you collect should serve as a customer survey response for you as well as for your staff. By reading the negative reviews, it gives you a clear idea on what area your business needs to be improved or which area you should be praising.

Improves Click-through Rates

In your business, you may have spent all the time and money on your SEO strategy, but if people aren’t interested in clicking on your business, then all is in vain. This is where Google reviews play a major role. They are an excellent way to increase the click-through rate when you show up in a search engine. When you Google review rating shows up next to your business name in Google, it will add up a good collection of positive ratings that will increase clicks in your site.

Converts more Customers

A business with a strong rating on Google should advertise it all over their websites. This rating will increase customer trust even if they haven’t read your online reviews and hence get enticed to purchase something from your business.

Tips to help improve your Google Ranking with Google reviews for your Businesses

To help you get started here, we list down some of the steps that have proven to help improve the quality and quantity of the Google reviews:

1. Determine the right timing for Google review invitations

The timing when your customer receives the invitation matters a lot. The longer you take to send an invite to your customers, the lesser it is that the customer will leave a review for your business. It is highly recommended to invite your customers as soon as close to the transaction as possible. The businesses that see the most success are those that send invites to the customers when still on site.

2. Set expectations for the Reviews

Once you know when you want to start the sales and want to send the review invitation, it is important to start setting the expectations with the customer for that invite. Before leaving the customer, you should let them know when they will receive the invite, how they will receive it (via text, email, etc.), and why it’s important for them to respond to it.

3. Remove the barriers of leaving a Google review

As per the researches being conducted, it is seen that more than 70 percent of consumers are willing to leave a review if being asked to them. Businesses that have the highest response rates are making it easy for their customers to leave a review.

4. Google review invites via text

The main way to remove barriers is by sending the Google review invites via text messages. The text messages are becoming fast preferred communication channels for many consumers and have an astonishing open rate of 99 percent, with 90 percent messages being read within three minutes.

5. Make use of an Online Review Management Tool

Lastly, the best way to increase Google reviews in helping your local search ranking is by implementing an online review management tool. This, in turn, will help visibility, influence purchase decisions, and obtain valuable insights to drive your business successfully.


Google business reviews can drive three core areas of your business- brand trust, local SEO, and feedbacks. For many businesses, this marketing channel can provide incredible ROI with little time and resources being put forward. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive leads to your business and gain trust among your consumers. Google reviews are incredibly vital to the success of any online business.

Ask your most loyal customer to rate your business on Google making it easy for those visiting your site to find the Google reviews. The reviews should happen organically. It is okay to remind your customers to put reviews for others, but never try to put up fake reviews or bribe people for good reviews. Consumers always want honest feedback on you, and they know they can get reliable reviews from others.

So with the Google reviews, you can be rest assured to have a successful business that generates more revenue from customers that feel safe about the quality and service they can rely on from your company, whereby happy customers will return to your business again and again.