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How To Make The Handyman Website To Generate More Traffic And Orders Online?

Get your handyman website on autopilot with the website design tips mentioned in this blog to generate the desired traffic. Once, this website design for your handyman services, either in multiple cities or being simply local, is ready, you then have to sit back and relax.

After the basic structure is maintained, you will then only have to check the website for the errors, timely updates, and off-the-page SEO.

Initially, you have to take care of the on-the-page SEO very strictly. These tips are as follows:

Choose the relatable domain name

The first effective step is to get the right domain name registered. If you are targeting a local area, you then have to check what is something local related to the handyman services you offer then will drive everyone onto your site.

Otherwise, you must study your competitors first. Check what type of domain name they are using. Your domain name will be the first point in connecting with the users or the end-customers. It will help you handyman service to gain a mind space without doing much.

Ensure each landing page is equally optimized

When it comes to the web page, landing pages are often helpful in letting the customers feel related to the services and the prices you are offering. Thus, the landing pages should have a clear purpose.

A contact form must have all the necessary contact details; a discount offer/deal or sale must have a defined purpose—it should be able to grab customer’s attention immediately by giving them discounts, lifetime offers, and membership plans for yearly services.

After you have written the landing page’s content and uploaded it with banners or stickers, run the responsibility, SEO, and other tests like the ABC test.

This ensures that your handyman site is worthy of the customer’s attention or not, using the focused keyword for the landing page.

Use strong CTA or call to action buttons and sentences

When you are running a handyman website frequently, you aim to increase your clientele base. For this, you have to continually engage with them through powerful and emotional words. They must not feel that your site is dead and has no value.

Or, they should also not feel that they do not know what to do when they are visiting your business web pages.

To resolve this bottleneck issues, make use of the CTA – call to action words like you have never done before. Talk in most human language possible at the end of each passage, page, block, or frame.

Short CTA buttons like subscribe now, buy now, click here, submit now, go there, go here, etc. should be in a bold format, which is also readable even by visually impaired ones.

This is an essential technique for any handyman running his or her website. When there is no increase in the potential and lucrative traffic, the business won’t survive for long, we all know that.

Therefore, with CTA,’s help, keep penetrating into the mindset of a client who possibly did not know what to do on your website when he or she first landed on any landing pages.

Have the right price sheet posted on your website

This is a critical step to take after the completion of basic on-the-page SEO. Once your website is ready to go live, the targeted customers then would be interested in the services and the price that you charge for the same.

For a better pricing strategy, study your local, domestic, national, and/or global competitors.

Then, you get a clearer picture of the trend in your niche. If you are confused, take any industry insider’s help. He must be someone who knows about the service packages to post online. He will also know how about the price range as per your experience, industry knowledge, niche, and the budget.

Give a section of the areas where you are operational on the home page

While targeting multiple locations for the regular repair and maintenance services that you offer within your handyman business, it’s essential to write down the areas you work for on the home page.

This helps every visitor know if they can call you up for the services they need or not. For instance, if the visitors get to see that you are operational in their location, they will then look at your website with better interest.

Otherwise, those who have no purpose would leave the site without wasting your time further. It is one of the intelligent ways to design your website to increase targeted traffic.

Post the verified testimonials by other clients

Most handymen earn trust from the new traffic or visitors when this targeted clientele witnesses something reliable. That is why verified testimonials are quite necessary.

These testimonials can be in written format or in video format. Mostly, video content captures the clientele faster than the written form. However, when you are initially uploading a lot of videos and graphic content, note that it will take a lot of your cloud or disk space.

If you can afford that, you can then easily for the visual content. Otherwise, written content will also capture those clients who are patient and are looking for services in detail.

Write about the projects you have done yourself

One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge is to upload the projects you have done for yourself or your loved ones. This will make the website personal as well as professional too.

Those new customers who are really curious but precious can then easily relate to the projects you have done yourself. They will start to trust more often then.

Upload the optimized blogs on the handyman projects, services, and their importance

Uploading the content related to your services gives another benefit to those who have no clue how they can get a better deal you offer.

Thus, keep uploading handyman related content once in a while. Keep these blogs flashing like a side trail or side news in one of the corners. This will help to grab customer’s attention with full force.