Looking for an affordable, transparent and fast partner to compliment your business with Learning Management services?   KMC Consulting is a perfect choice for you.

We consider Reseller as an important aspect of our business to succeed. If you are looking for ready to use online platform which can serve to different users needs and requirements then your search finish here at KMC Consulting.

Be a part of our reseller programme and serve the world most advanced and versatile LMS.

Benefits Of Using Our Services

We are fast: KMC’s LMS is fast to handle millions of request concurrently working, respective to the user or learner. It has many advanced features to make any course easily and interesting for the users.

We are Simple: Its a very handy tool which is simple, quick for any user whether you are a learner, tutor, company, distributor. It’s simple to use KMC’s LMS has amazing User Interference any user can use it hassle-free.

We are simple to work with: KMC Consulting has a team of highly skilled designers, developers, customer supports who are there for you and solve all your queries. No lengthy forms, back-and-forth etc. We have demystified all things so that people like you and us could understand it.

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