KMC Learning Management System is a cloud-based solution, which is ready to use immediately and perfect for all your needs whether you are learner or tutor looking to rapidly deploy eLearning content in a cost-effective manner.

KMC Consulting Services provide standalone e-learning system which works offline.

You can operate it as a standalone solution or integrated with other advanced collaboration tools where the actual live classes are held. KMC Consulting provides track and manages content for global audiences with multi-language requirements.

LMS that exhibits offline learning capabilities can be the advantage for those who are unlikely to have continuous internet connectivity at home or while traveling. It is a blessing for those faculty members who live in far-off rural areas. And for others, offline learning will bring along some break or rest from constantly being connected to the net.

KMC’s Learning Management Services allow users to download their content from the interested niche & synchronize usage whenever they access to WiFi or internet. Users can easily access their content offline.

LMS keeps a track record of everything from all the work or changes made by the user till the every tiniest details relates to them, so as they synchronize with the server when the user comes online. It’s among the best in-built functionality of LMS develop by KMC Consulting Services.

KMC Consulting provides seamless ways to deliver training and e-learning content to its users who have limited/ no connectivity, with the use of offline servers for mobile/offline based works in conjunction with your LMS Engine to bring learning to your users, no matter where they are.

We also ensure there is safe and secure downloading of the user content.

LMS is a simple and powerful system from the high expertise developers of KMC Consulting Services. It is easy to install, reliable and cost-effective option for individual teachers and trainers to arrange group or private classes over the Internet, a virtual classroom which makes ease of sending out overdue reminders, generating statistical reports.

The software can be installed as a standalone on one machine or networked which a group of people can use it through the life time without worrying about the every year subscription plans.

Our IT Professional has worked hard to ensure that the LMS is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed almost any challenge you may have and stands alone as one of the most customized LMS available.


KMC Standalone

Fully secure system


Industry standard

Easily integrated with existing systems

Configurable user interface and corporate branding options

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