Some students have low self-esteem find harder to share their knowledge or opinion in front of the class which in turn here in LMS they can easily overcome in the online learning environment, where a student can express his opinion, views and thoughts without feeling fear to express it.

KMC Consulting provides instant messaging, loads of educational games and multimedia apps,  a personal news stream which helps students actively own their education, achievement soars.  They work, share, and connect with teachers and classmates whether they are at home, or anywhere in the world.

Key Features

KMC key features

LMS provides a complete customized experience with a stream of tasks, events, and course bulletins.

Instant and secure messaging system on all devices safely connects students and teachers

Track personal growth with Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Learning Objectives Progress reports

Collaborate with other students via groups, messages, project spaces and more

LMS provides immediate teacher’s feedback through a variety of assessment options or task

Progress is captured via personal dashboards, giving the student insight and providing visibility to teachers, parents, and mentors

The New Era of Learning is Here

It is essential to bring out positive responses, by improving the learning process and progress. It could be achieved with the help of LMS by means of storytelling, animations, group work, etc.

Taking follow regularly whether the student follows the class or not. LMS beneficial to keep eye on the student.

LMS aids in designing a strategy that would keep the student motivated. It not only suggests the video contents but also which mode of learning should be used for which part of the lessons.

LMS provides an instance results like, if a student learns faster in the afternoon, and writes better in the evening, the computer would present the task suggestion list accordingly.

LMS also provide a numerous of communication tools such as a social communities, chat, forum, blogs etc. which allows tutors to engage students, user and give a voice to less confident ones.

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