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Top 9 Ideas on How to Spice your Website on this Christmas

Is your Website is not getting much traffic? It may be because of the poor design of the Website. Therefore, it is the main reason why people do not visit your Website regularly. Then, you should use your creativity and make your Website viewable if you are new to this thing, then there are nine ideas you can follow to increase visitors to your Website this Christmas.

Top 9 Ideas on How to Spice your Website on this Christmas 2020

1. It would be best if you make sure that the visitors like your content

It would help if you chose some exciting topics and write well-researched keyword-based content on them. Then, the viewers will like your content. To find some of the latest topics for new content ideas, you can visit the forums and check the hot threads over there. From there, you will get an idea of which topics you have to create content. You should make sure that your title should be intriguing. Check out this post 14 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

2. Design Pop-Ups Contests inside your Web Design

Using pop-ups can be a double-edged sword for you. It is the chance for you either do something to build your readership on the Website or let everything go waste. Now, everything depends on you what you want to do with your Website. Ask yourself if you wish to make your Website user friendly or not. We are talking about the contests, and then you can add some fantastic stuff to it, like simple quizzes based on celebrities, sports, and movies. The visitors will like to play these quizzes and enjoy them too. It will increase the website traffic too.

3. Design your Website in such a way and start offering weekend treats to your visitors

Be generous to your loyal visitors on the Website. You can start offering them freebies, discounts, and promos when they visit your Website. The more things you will give in return, you will get more appreciation from them. You can initially add coupon offers where it does not block the visitor from reading the website content. Usually, the visitors see a website, not promos available over there. You should design your Website in such a way that the people can read the content and know about the existing promos on your Website too.

4. Create a Weekly Featured Blog for Free

You need to add the feature inside your web design to make the weekly featured blog. It is a powerful technique. The featured things open the doors of various opportunities. It looks like the cheery on the icing. A better way to do this is that a person whose blog content is the best one among others will feature for a week free. You would not charge a single penny from the person whose blog is featured on your Website. You can encourage people to do free guest posting on your Website. Check this out Blog Section

5. Add some aesthetics plays a crucial role in building your brand value.

The aesthetics play a crucial role as to how your customer will view your brand. At that point, your website design, color patterns, and text formatting would not matter. Remember one thing that does not underestimate the value of aesthetics. It will determine your Website and then feel the moment how the visitors will come and see everything designed by you on your Website. You have the budget to invest; then, you can hire a User Interface (UI) Agency that will help you to enhance your Website’s interface. Read this blog

6. Make a proper navigation structure in the Website.

The more people will come, the more it will be easy for the search engine to crawl on the Website. To make this possible, you should have a proper navigation panel on your Website. Furthermore, you have to make sure that every single page on the Website is linked with another page. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper navigation and add links among the pages.

7. Use more pictures in your content published on the Website.

In your content having, more images will attract the customers on a large scale. It will add respect and trust to your brand. All these things will work only if you add excellent and clear pictures in your content. You will lose your visitors by adding blurred images in your web content. Moreover, you can start using some fresh photos that support a message with it too. Each picture that appears on your Website should share a story about your brand. You have to make sure to deliver the right message to the website visitors.

8. Design a Newsletter and Add it to the Website

Do you want that your Website should have maximum visits every time? Then, you should tell the visitors what they want to know. A Newsletter can do your work in a better and efficient way. Still, the reality does not matter how professionally you designed your Website. The things become worse when you did not include some basic things like a newsletter on the Website.

9. On your Website, there should be social sharing buttons.

Every Website needs to have the social sharing buttons over there. Therefore, it is easy for people to share their content with others. Many people come and read the content regularly. Some people like content related to a particular topic. Here the social sharing buttons play a crucial role. With just one click, the person can easily share the content on social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and What’s app. It is the best way to attract more readerships to your Website. You do not need to do anything; the existing readers will do your work. You can call it a promotional strategy to build your brand value among the internet users of the 21st century.

Final Words

You have used a perfect software builder to design your Website. Still, it would not help if you stop here. Furthermore, you can try different things to attract more viewers to your Website, like adding a newsletter, researching new content topics, and making new images that support a message about the brand. Check out this post – 20 Essentials for a Rockstar Website